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Plenary Sessions

Dates and times listed below are subjected to change. 

Ran Zhao_WCUCC.png
May 3, 2023 I 9 am 

Dr. Ran Zhao

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Alberta

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May 3, 2023 I 2 pm 

Dr. Kingsley Donkor

Professor of Chemistry, Thompson Rivers University

May 4, 2023 I 9 am 

Dr. Lara Mahal

Professor of Chemistry, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Glycomics, University of Alberta

Biography to be added

May 4, 2023 I 2 pm 

Dr. Helen Tran

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Toronto

Biography to be added

May 5, 2023 I 2 pm 

Dr. Phil Baran

Professor of Chemistry, Scripps Research Institute

Biography to be added

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