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Alex Brown obtained his B.Sc. degree in Chemical Physics (Honors) from the University of Waterloo and his Ph.D. in Chemistry as an NSERC-funded graduate student from the University of Western Ontario (supervisor W.J. Meath). He then held post-doctoral positions at the University of Bristol (as an NSERC PDF with G.G. Balint-Kurti), the University of Alabama (R.H.Tipping), University of Western Ontario (W.J. Meath), and Emory University (J.M. Bowman). He joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta in 2003 where he is currently a Professor and Department Chair.


At the University of Alberta, his group pursues diverse research in the field of computational and theoretical chemistry including photochemistry and photophysics of fluorescent proteins, small molecule biofluorophores, and phosphorescent inorganic species; molecular quantum dynamics and potential energy surface fitting; optimal control theory for laser control; as well as understanding novel bonding and structure in inorganic materials. In addition to his research activities, he has received a number of awards at the university, faculty, and department levels for teaching and mentorship including the University of Alberta’s 2013 Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (one of the university’s highest teaching honours), the University of Alberta Graduate Students’ Association Graduate Student Supervisor Award in 2011, and the 2012 Faculty of Science Award for Excellent Teaching.

Interested in Dr. Brown's Plenary talk?


Tuesday, May 2nd

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm




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